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Longcliffe Mine

Entrance of Longcliffe Mine


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On the highest prominent hillock halfway up the steep slope above Speedwell Cavern. The site is on National Trust CROW land. Collapse of the original hillock and shaft top blocked access to the mine in the 1950s. Excavation and construction of a new permanent entrance into the 38m-deep natural shaft, and the subsequent discovery and opening up of the extensions was undertaken by the Technical Speleological Group (TSG), 2014-19. The mine was once connected to the adjacent Son of Longcliffe, but the connection was blocked by collapse. Note that some sections require care in passing (particularly the support packwalls below the stepped climbing shaft), and the main chamber in the extensions also has a taped pathway to avoid damage to vulnerable miners' fingerprints, bootprints and artifacts. Much of the vertical route and the extensions can be very wet and challenging after prolonged rain.

Contact TSG for access, at (reveal). Large adjustable or 24mm spanner also required.

This site is part of the DCA SSSI Conservation Monitoring Scheme.
See the DCA website for competition details.
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