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Peakshole Sough

Entrance of Peakshole Sough


Gated sough within the Slop Moll drainage trench in Peak Cavern Gorge, heading west under the public footpath. Wall Shaft Mine (below back field of Goosehill Hall) is reached by fixed ladders halfway along and above the level. Sough was abandoned halfway to its destination (Longcliffe Mine), and the only significant water-flow is from a floor-inlet 20m inside the entrance. Dye-traces have shown it is hydraulically connected to the Slop Moll and Russet Well resurgences.

Access via the Peak Cavern keyholder scheme, and subject to the same conditions. To book, visit or send an email to: (reveal) stating choice of dates, and details of party. Meet & change at TSG HQ (The Chapel).


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