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Pindale End Mine - Lower Shaft

Entrance of Pindale End Mine - Lower Shaft


build Derbyshire Key required.

No access agreement in place, but access is permitted. There is almost zero public parking here, and the road is very narrow (single lane) - please walk to the site from Castleton or Hope if you can.

Lower (climbing) shaft is in the overgrown triangle of land opposite Pindale Farm campsite, adjacent to a power pole and is 14m deep - almost uniquely it has steps built into the ginging, but these do not reach the bottom - do not attempt to free-climb! Walkway mesh lid with scaffolding tube for the main belay, inset into the plinth - 24mm or adjustable spanner required. There is currently no backup anchor in place other than the power pole - take great care opening the lid. Close the lid after entering, and ensure the lid is locked tight with both nuts after exiting. Workings enter the Pindale Tuff almost immediately - soft volcanic ash/clay, which is crumbly - take care.

Please be considerate of the houses and businesses nearby, especially when undertaking evening trips. Noise should be kept to a minimum. Parking may be possible at Pindale Farm if you call ahead to ask if space is available.


Shaft is 14m deep in shale, ginged almost throughout, and has steps built into ginging for most of the depth except bottom 3m - rope/ladder essential to fully descend. Only way on is under stacked deads and rotten timbers - care! Single level on dubious false floor in places heads SW, with a loose pitch halfway along, dropping through precarious false floors to a downward-sloping and muddy stope, terminating at a forefield after 10m. Vein walls are fault-displaced vertically. Main level continues for 30m to a low and wet semi-natural section with much sticky toadstone clay, ending at a blockage shortly afterward. Would almost certainly connect to the blocked level accessed via the upper hauling shaft if dug open.


20m rope for entrance, 20m rope for internal shaft.


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