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Red Rake Mine

Entrance of Red Rake Mine


No access agreement in place

Access via private track downslope from the Hassop road and turn left at the obvious junction after 50m. If walking via public footpath through fields from Calver village, the same junction is reached. Follow this track downslope and around a bend and the adit entrance is on the right, heading back under the track and ultimately the B6001 road (west). Standing (usually stagnant) water in trench leading into adit.

Old pumping shed made of corrugated iron (now totally collapsed) hosts a dangerously-lidded shaft originally leading to Brightside Sough, but is blocked after about 15m with scrap iron from the shed. Original engine shaft is capped with a large concrete slab (no access possible), and is situated slightly upslope and to the north of the adit, near the track junction. On the west side of the road, a precariously-ginged shaft capped with rotten timbers just off the vein drops into a small level driven in shale along the limestone contact, but is soon blocked by spar waste. Higher upslope, a blocked and very old arched level in a hollow was discovered and partially dug out in 2011.

A very large opencut on the vein (care) at the top of Northcliffe Plantation may be from as early as the 1580s, but has extensions for fluorspar under the eastern overhanging lip, circa 1910-21. The continuing opencut west toward Muse Mine was completely backfilled in the 1950s.