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Silver Eye Mine

Entrance of Silver Eye Mine


No known access restrictions. This is a mine close to Good Luck mine. It is on two main levels, with plenty of interesting tramming levels leading to and from stopes. The lower level is no longer accessible from the surface and the way into the mine is via the upper level.Approach as you would for Good Luck Mine. Cross the footbridge and follow the path. At the first sign-posted junction, where you would turn right for Good Luck, keep straight on the ascending path, past the now blocked entrance to Silver Eye's lower level, to a steep bend by a tree where a thin path cuts back and up to the right (roughly south west). Follow this path to the entrance.The obvious entrance drops down the slope to a short, puddly crawl, after which it gets larger and climbs upwards through a rocky section, past a boarded hole in the floor to a window (left) onto a winze. Through this, and carefully climb around the sloping winze and then descend the winze to a scaffold stemple which can be used to belay a hand-line. Carefully descend to the lower level. The lower level leads northwards to the blocked adit exit, and southwards, beneath raises and stopes to a sloping raise on th right which can be climbed with care (handline useful) to the extensive rear section of the upper level. See Survey.


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