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Wapping Mine

Entrance of Wapping Mine


No known acccess restriction. Complex is part of Masson Hill SSSI. The DCA publication 'Cumberland Cavern and Wapping Mine' (see the DCA web site) contains much useful information on the site.

In the past, parking has been available in the overflow parking area at the New Bath Hotel, however the new owners of the hotel are installing "No Parking" notices on the overflow parking spot. This is not aimed at cavers but the general public who are using this space for BBQ's, leaving rubbish, etc. Cavers are advised to avoid this parking area for a few weeks until it calms down and then the hotel will issue a temporary permit for cavers to collect from reception.

Please take note of this and if you really must use this parking area in the next few weeks, please go and ask at the hotel reception.

Holy Trinity Church don't mind small numbers using their car park, but have requested that cavers do not use the car park before midday on Sundays - please respect this request to maintain good relations.

Part of Masson Hill SSSI.


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