Peak District Caving

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Entrance Length Depth Access Documents
1. Wide cave mouth nr Reynards Cave 10 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
2. Open fissure nr Reynards Cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
3. Low entrance into chamber 30 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
4. Obvious entrance at top of an eroding bank removeremoveremoveremoveremove
5. Obvious fissure 5m from path removeremoveremoveremoveremove
6. Rock shelter on rock up past Ilam Rock removeremoveremoveremoveremove
7. Tall open cave in crag next to Ilam Rock removeremoveremoveremoveremove
8. Wide fissure 2 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
9. Open rock shelter near path removeremoveremoveremoveremove
10. Single chamber cave at Tissington Spires removeremoveremoveremoveremove
11. Small rock shelter nr the Dove Holes removeremoveremoveremoveremove
12. Single chamber opposite and visible from Dove Holes removeremoveremoveremoveremove
13. Small rock shelter removeremoveremoveremoveremove
14. Large shallow cavity removeremoveremoveremoveremove
15. Shallow cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
16. Small cave near Etches Cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
17. Shallow cavity up a steep scramble removeremoveremoveremoveremove
18. Low rock shelter high on the dale side above the footpath removeremoveremoveremoveremove
19. Small rock shelter removeremoveremoveremoveremove
20. Square cut fissure removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Aldery Cliff Cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Aldery Cliff Fissure 31 17 mapremoveremoveremoveremove
Bossen Hole 34 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Bottle Pot 60 29 mapremoveremoveremoveremove
Bridleway Spring removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Carder Low Fissure removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Carder Low Pot removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Caskin Low Fissure removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Castle Cave 5 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Cave & Spring 3 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Chrome Hill Cave 6 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Chrome Hill Rift 8 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Chrome Hill Swallet 28 9 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Cludgi Cave 4 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Convalescence Pot removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Cotton Cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Crowdecote Cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Crowdecote Rock Shelter removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Crowdecote Through Cave 5 2 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Crowdwell, The removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Democratic Dig 33 12 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Double Trouble 9 location_off removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Dove Holes Caves removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Dovedale Church removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Dowel Cave 15 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Dowel Dale Side Pot 64 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Dowel Resurgence 12 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Doyle's Cave 10 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Dungeon Cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Etches Cave 90 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Fox Hole Cave 56 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Frank 'ith Rocks Cave 46 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Frank 'ith Rocks Cave 2 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Frank 'ith Rocks Cave 3 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Friday Night Dig 2 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Gateham Swallet 9 15 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Glutton Dale Cave location_off removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Hall Dale Through Cave 8 2 mapremoveremoveremoveremove
Hall Dale Through Cave 2 8 2 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Hartington Moor Farm Adit 297 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Henry's Hole 13 7 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
High Edge Pot 3 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Hors D'Oeuvres Cave 7 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ilam Rock Cave 9 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ivy Cliff Cave 2 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Kold Head Resurgence removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Long Dale Swallets removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Lovers Leap Cave 3 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ludwell Spring removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ludwell Spring - cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ludwell Spring 2 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Meta Rift 6 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Meta Rift 2 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Milldale Cave 2 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Milldale Springs removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Nab Dale Fissure 8 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Nab Dale Rock Shelters removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Nabs Rift removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Nash Rising 3 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Owl Hole 259 41 build mapremovenavigationremoveremove
Parsley Hay Cave 6 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Peasland Rock Shelter removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Pickering Tor Cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Pikers Pit removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Pikers Pit 2 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Pilsbury Rock Shelter removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Pit Hole removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Placenta Pot 26 mapremoveremoveremoveremove
Plantation Swallet 83 55 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Pop Concert Swallet 1 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Pop Concert Swallet 2 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Pop Concert Swallet 3 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Pop Concert Swallet 4 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Pop Concert Swallet 5 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Potential digs removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Reynard's Cave 12 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Reynard's Kitchen removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Robin's Shaft Mine 100 97 removecall_splitremoveremovefact_check
Sandholes Swallet 9 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Sink removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Sparklow Swallet removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Spring/Resurgence removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Sprink Springs removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Stoney Low Hole 15 8 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Stoney Low Swallet removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Stoop Edge Hole 15 location_off removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Sunnybank Pot 46 6 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Swallow Tor Cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Swallowdale Sink 35 12 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Thorswood Swallet removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Tor Rock Swallet removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Tree Stump Pot 12 4 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Tyre Pit Quarry Cave 1 24 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Tyre Pit Quarry Cave 2 2 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Upper Hall Dale Cave 5 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Waggon Low Fissure removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Watson's Swallet 23 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Wolfscote Grange Cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove