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Lathkill, Garden Path Entrance

Entrance of Lathkill, Garden Path Entrance


check Permission required.
vpn_key Key or code required.

This site is kept locked and subject to access for scientific purposes only, in accordance with the conditions of DCA's licence from Chatsworth. However, this can include one-off photographic and similar trips that are not purely recreational in nature, as well as the more usual extended research or exploration projects. Cavers with a valid interest in visiting the site are asked to use the following procedure:

  1. Apply to the DCA Access Officer for access details (reveal)
  2. Return a completed form together with proof of current liability insurance.
  3. Obtain a key as directed and follow the designated surface route to the entrance.
  4. Return the key as directed.

DCA officers are readily approachable for advice on any aspects of visits to the Garden Path. Some projects may be eligible for support from the DCA Cave Discovery Fund.


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