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Mandale Mine

Entrance of Mandale Mine


The Incline, Aqueduct and Upper entrances to the mine are fitted with locking gates. The Mandale Sough level is open, but blocked by a collapse a short way inside. The terms of the access agreement with Natural England apply to the whole mine. All the gates require a Derbyshire Key to open. Please close and secure the gates behind you. In the past, failure to secure the gates has led the landowner to warn cavers that they may have to permanently seal the mine if it is not kept secure. All 4 entrances are directly next to public footpaths and are very likely to be visited by non-cavers while you are underground. Beware fluctuating water levels, unstable boulder areas & the badly collapsed state of parts of the sough lining beyond the foot of the Forefield Shaft. The mine is a Scheduled Monument (SM). Forefield Shaft: shaft top sealed and access refused by owner, Mr D. Mycock, of Lathkill Farm, Over Haddon

28/3/2021 Update The Incline Level gate (usual main entrance) has had a replacement locking bolt installed on the left hand side. The gate requires a firm push to line the bolt up with the hole as the gate has become twisted in the frame. The right hand locking bolt is only just holding, so the left one must be screwed in to keep the gate secure. DCA is preparing a fix, but do ensure the left hand bolt is done up when you leave, don't just use the right hand one.

16/4/2021 Update The Incline Level gate has now got to the point where it is very hard to secure shut. There is a risk that if opened you may not be able to lock it securely again. The gate must not be left unbolted. The gate has been secured shut today but we ask that cavers avoid using the Incline Level entrance gate until volunteers have completed a repair. This fix is currently being arranged. Please use the Aqueduct gate for access to the mine (adjustable spanner required) until the Incline gate is fixed. many thanks.


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