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Water Icicle Close Cavern


The main part of Water Icicle itself can be entered with no problem and no prior permission is required as long as people don't take vehicles up the track.

WARNING! Bad air has been reported in this system, please contact DCA Conservation officer for up to date situation.

There are no known access restrictions to the mine, however Derby Lane now has a traffic regulation order (TRO) that prohibits use by mechanically propelled vehicles, this order extends from Summerhill Farm to Long Rake Road (top of track).

Regardless of the farmers goodwill towards cavers if you want to drive up Derby Lane to park you will need a permit. Cavers should email in advance to the Peak Park's Sue Smith ((reveal)), who will then email them a permit to be displayed in the car windscreen. Cavers need to provide name, vehicle details (colour and make) and the date or dates on which the exemption is required so that no enforcement action is taken against them.

Cavers who are content to walk up the lane are asked not to park their vehicles on the Lane below Summerhill Farm as it is narrow here and this could interfere with farm traffic. Vehicles will need to be parked in one of the car parks in Monyash Village.

Entrance cap visible half way across field to east, in direction of line of trees. Leave lid secure at all times. Ensure that field gate is left secure at all times.

Northwest Passage 2010 Extensions

Please note that the gated extensions are gated to protect sediments, not because there are impressive decorations. Passages are very similar in nature to the rest of the cave.

In order to protect the very delicate sediments and formations in the new extensions to Water Icicle Close Cavern, special access arrangements are in operation, please e-mail (reveal) for up to date information.

This site is part of the DCA SSSI Conservation Monitoring Scheme.
See the DCA website for competition details.


High levels of carbon dioxide have been encountered on occasions.

DCA have received a report of bad air being encountered in WICC on the 23rd April 2023. Please see our new page for bad air reports on the website:


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