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Holme Bank Chert Mine

Entrance of Holme Bank Chert Mine


For access to the mine, either:

  1. Email (reveal)
  2. Phone the Oldfield Design office during office hours
  3. Visit the office during working hours. Ideally still email or phone ahead.

You will need to give a contact name and phone number and stating that all the group have BCA public liability insurance, which entrance you will be entering and the date and approximate time. Joe will give you an access code and details of the location of the key safe. Inside the safe will be a key that will open all of the padlocks on the mine gates. Don't lose them! You must replace the keys in the keysafe as soon as you complete your trip. Note that this is a new access system (July 2022) and all entrances are now gated with a padlock that requires a key. This access system applies to the Lower (No. 1) Adit, Quarry Entrance, and both the Fan Entrance and Smithy Entrance in the yard.

Parking - There is a small rough area near to the lower gated entrance. This can usually fit a couple of vehicles but does get overgrown. You can park in the car park of Oldfield Design in the evenings and at weekends. If in doubt, ask when you make your booking about where is best to park. Holme Lane is only a short walk away and has roadside parking if there are likely to be many vehicles in your party. It is important not to park on, or block, the access to Holme Hall driveway (graveled area).

Visitors are asked to make a small charitable contribution to the Alzheimer's Society as an access fee, however, this is not compulsory. Donate via:


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