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Peak District Caving News September 2012

J.H. Collapse Update

Report FromWayne Sheldon.
Report Date14/09/2012.

Bitch Pitch was fully inspected on the 11th of September 2012. We found that nothing has changed since the last inspection about one month ago. We descended to the bottom of the pitch, checking the P hangers on the way down which we found to be okay. The pitch is pretty clear of debris and a large pile of material is now at the bottom of Bitch Pitch, but entry to The Workshop isn't a problem. We now consider the work on removing unstable material from Bitch Pitch to be complete, although there will never be a time when it can be regarded as completely safe, and it will be up to individual cavers to use their judgement when descending J.H. It is certainly no place for novices.

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