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Peak District Caving News January 2014

Access to Eldon Hill Quarry and Sidetrack Cave

Report FromJenny Potts via Wayne Sheldon (DCA).
Report Date10/01/2014.

Following the incident of interference with the abseil rope to Sidetrack on the 9th January by persons unknown, Jules Barratt and Bob Dearman have put in three new BP anchors. Two of the anchors were installed in the solid slab adjacent to the existing rusty bolt to facilitate a Y hang. The other was placed as a re-belay 10ft down the cliff in the only bit of structurally solid limestone they could find.

This means that the rope between the Y hang and the re-belay should be kept as tight as possible so that in the unlikely event of the single re-belay bolt failing the load would come immediately onto the top Y hang. However, if the rigging at the top is interfered with it is unlikely that anyone would climb down over easy but dubious rock to unclip the re-belay thus leaving visitors to the cave on the bench below a good measure of protection for the ascent back to the top of the quarry. Also it would be a good idea for anyone abseiling down to tightly tie off the bottom of the rope to one of the many boulders lying on the bench to prevent it being pulled up.

Please be aware that cavers should continue to comply with the arrangements made for access to Eldon Quarry. The details are on the DCA website at:

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