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Ashover and Crich - Information


These small isolated limestone outcrops lie to the east of the main White Peak area. They are completely surrounded by the later Namurian rocks. There are a number of old mines, but accessible caves are few.

Near Crich, Wakebridge Cavern was documented in lead mining records, and was re-entered recently by cavers. This is the only listed cave in the Crich Inlier.

The Ashover Inlier, a little further to the north, boasts a group of small swallets, which feed water to a rising 46m lower. Digging in the 1990s led to a short section of cave, and there is the possibility of a system of limited size here. The Fallgate Caves, in the cliff on the east side of the River Amber, are of no great extent, but here again digging may be repaid.