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James Hall's Over Engine Mine

Entrance of James Hall's Over Engine Mine


Note: Though trips to Peak Cavern and Speedwell are not possible while the latter sites remain closed

For further details of the system and access arrangements visit the Peak Speedwell web site Call at Rowter Farm for key. Best to avoid lambing time (April/May). Charge of £2 for access over land. Parking available.

From farm, head for path east along New Rake towards head of Cave Dale. Blue entrance lid - please leave secure. Through trips to Peak-Speedwell are arduous and require prior arrangement at both ends. NB. Mine is subject of a Conservation Plan. Parts of the mine are unstable, particularly the Cartgate passage leading to the head of Bitch Pitch (where the floor is tailings perched on rotting stemples) and Bitch Pitch itself. Be aware of the risk of collapse and/or falling rocks.