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James Hall's Over Engine Mine (JH)

Entrance of James Hall's Over Engine Mine (JH)


build Derbyshire Key required.

For further details of the system and access arrangements visit the Peak Speedwell web site Permission required from Rowter Farm. Please call at the farm to pay £2 per person before heading to the shaft. You require a large adjustable spanner (Derbyshire Key) to open the hatch that allows access to the locking bolt. It is best to avoid lambing time (April/May). Parking available.

From farm, head for path east along New Rake towards head of Cave Dale. Hinged entrance lid - please leave secure. Through trips to Peak-Speedwell are arduous and require prior arrangement at both ends. NB. Mine is subject of a Conservation Plan. Parts of the mine are unstable, particularly the Cartgate passage leading to the head of Bitch Pitch (where the floor is tailings perched on rotting stemples) and Bitch Pitch itself. Be aware of the risk of collapse and/or falling rocks.

A Derbyshire Key is required to open a hatch to allow access to a sliding bolt on the inside of lid. Please close the hatch immediately once the lid is open. The last person down should close the lid and use the bolt to secure it shut from the inside. On exiting the shaft, open the hatch to engage the bolt once the lid is closed. Secure hatch shut with Derbyshire Key. Ensure the lid is left securely shut when not attended as there is a public right of way nearby.

Backup anchors are now (July 2021) available in the concrete lid surround and the lid can be shut with a rope in place if it is positioned in the groove at the left edge of the lid.

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