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Jug Holes

Entrance of Jug Holes


build Derbyshire Key required.

No prior permission required. Mineral owners, Tarmac Roadstone, insist all cavers be reminded they enter at own risk. Approach from Salters Lane, via public footpath through Jughole Wood. Park without obstructing narrow road - and beware of thieves. Lower adit entrance (SK 27952 59697) has a gate with a bolt and a large nut, so adjustable spanner required. Cave is subject of a Conservation Plan and a DCA publication 'Jugholes Interpretation Pack' (See the DCA web site) is available. The site is included in the Masson Hill SSSI.

Large numbers of cars are having a negative impact on the businesses of both the owner of the quarry and Low Farm, especially when cars are parked carelessly. Large or articulated vehicles need a lot of room to manoeuvre to access the track. We could jeopardise access to Jugholes outright if we are unthoughtful with parking, so please consider using other venues for large groups coming in individual cars, or car share/arrange a minibus.

Parking The broad entrance to a dirt/gravel track is on the left shortly after the turn for Masson Lees farm, there is some parking space available here but the majority of this hard ground is required for large vehicles (including large articulated lorries) turning into and out of the farm track and should be left clear. Do not drive or park on or up the track itself. Do not park in spaces on the road marked as passing places. The track itself is used by at least three separate farms and large vehicles requiring a wide turning circle frequently pass along it. For this reason the farmers have asked for the spaces directly opposite the track entrance to be kept clear of parked vehicles.

Following the above advice means there are a very limited number of parking spaces, as such it is advisable to lift share and consider parking further away and walking in where possible, especially during summer evenings and weekends. Other avenues are being explored in the hope of resolving the issue. Doing the most we can to avoid conflict in the meantime will greatly assist with these efforts. However, anyone parking anywhere on Salter's Lane should be aware that this in itself is a source of friction. Anyone concerned about a repeat incident of vehicle damage (broken mirrors) might consider using a dashboard camera! The above advice was agreed with the BMC, and is also found on their Regional Access Database for climbers.

This site is part of the DCA SSSI Conservation Monitoring Scheme.
See the DCA website for competition details.


24/10/22 'Passing Place' signs have recently appeared at the main regular 'parking' spaces on Salters Lane, placed by Derbyshire County Council. The space opposite the track to the quarry, regularly used for parking, requires large farm vehicles to turn/exit there, so please use alternative spaces if parking to use the quarry or Jugholes. Recent reports indicate damage has been inflicted on parked cars. Please be aware of a potentially provocative situation when visiting the site.

28/10/22 The bolt on the bottom adit gate is slightly bent but the gate does still close properly. Please ensure the nut is fully tightened upon leaving


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