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Snake Mine

Entrance of Snake Mine


check Permission required.
build Derbyshire Key required.

On private land above the access track to Hoptonwood Quarry and Middleton limestone mine, reached via the minor road south from the Via Gellia. Main shaft is adjacent to the gin circle above the ruined coe and is 76m deep (grilled), and the climbing shaft entrance is via a short adit within the coe (gated).

For access, contact the landowner, Mrs Rose Slater well in advance, preferably by email, at (reveal) - or alternatively via WhatsApp on 0777 909 0919, but please use email first. For each proposed visit Mrs Slater requires a list of names, contact details (phone number or email) and BCA insurance numbers for all members of the party, plus a statement that entry into the mine is entirely at your own risk. Do not send an email the night before the trip - we recommend at least two weeks advance notice, with a follow-up nearer the date with the participant details. Do NOT visit the mine without permission as this could jeapordise access for all. The site is also a Scheduled Ancient Monument - please respect the infrastructure.


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