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Hamps and Manifold

Entrance Length Depth Access Documents
Bank End Quarry Fissure location_off removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Beeston Cave 16 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Bent Chisel Pot 3 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Bincliffe Hole 8 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Bincliffe Levels, Adit 1 109 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Bincliffe Levels, Adit 2, Fallows Level 434 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Bincliffe Levels, Adit 3, Dukes Deep Level 396 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Bincliffe Levels, Adit 4 91 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Bincliffe Levels, Adit 5 32 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Bincliffe Levels, Adit 6 6 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Bincliffe Levels, Adit 7, Hurts Deep Level 335 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Bincliffe Levels, Adit 8 33 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Bincliffe Levels, Adit 9, Nutwash Mine 66 build removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Bincliffe Levels, Adit 10 3 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Bincliffe Levels, Adit 11 16 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Bincliffe Mine, Upper removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Bredon Brook Sinks removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Burial Cave 4 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Calton Moor Crossroads Swallet removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Calton Moor Swallet 4 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Castern Wood Adits removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Cathedral Rift 32 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Cauldon Low Cave location_off removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Cheshire Wood Cave 12 6 mapremoveremoveremoveremove
Cotton Swallet 8 location_off removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Darfar Crag Cave 31 3 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Darfar Crag Swallet 40 9 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Darfar Pot, Stream Sink removeremoveremoveremovefact_check
Darfar Pot, Top Entrance 366 53 removeremoveremoveremovefact_check
Darfar Ridge Cave 107 removeremoveremoveremovefact_check
Deepdale Pot 12 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Deepdale Shacks removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Donkey Hole 40 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ecton Copper Mines, Apes Tor Level block removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ecton Copper Mines, Bag Mine block removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ecton Copper Mines, Chadwick Mine 100 30 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ecton Copper Mines, Clayton Adit removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ecton Copper Mines, Dale Mine Adit removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ecton Copper Mines, Deep Ecton removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ecton Copper Mines, Dutchman Level removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ecton Copper Mines, East Ecton Mine 150 50 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ecton Copper Mines, Fly Mine removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ecton Copper Mines, Limepits Mine 100 50 removeremoveremoveremovefact_check
Ecton Copper Mines, Salts Level removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ecton Copper Mines, Waterbank Mine removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ecton Copper Mines, Whey Level 213 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ecton Hill Caves 5 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Elderbush Cave 46 removeremoveremoveremovefact_check
Ellishill Cave 3 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ellishill Wood Sinks removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Gutterholes 61 12 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Hamps Valley Cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Hayhole removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Hell Holes Cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Hell Holes Sink removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Hell Holes Swallet 4 2 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Hemmingslow Swallet 46 14 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Highfield Mine block removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Hoften's Cross Swallet 9 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Hole Shades Swallet removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Hollybank Mine removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Hoo Valley Mine 127 build removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Hudford Brook Rising removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ilam Risings, Cowclose Wood Springs removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ilam Risings, Flow Gauge Rising removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ilam Risings, Hamps Spring removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ilam Risings, Hinkley Wood Resurgence removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ilam Risings, Ilam Village Rising removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ilam Risings, Ilam Wier Rising removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ilam Risings, Main Rising removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ilam Risings, Manifold River Rising removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ilam Risings, Okeover Risings removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ilam Risings, Quazie's Well removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ilam Risings, Raspberry Rising removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ilam Risings, Ripple Rising removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ilam Risings, St Bertram's Well removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ilam Upper Rising (Well Rising) removeremoveremoveremoveremove
J-Pot removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Jackdaws Cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ladyside Cave 12 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ladyside Pot 457 21 removeremoveremoveremovefact_check
Lee House Quarry Cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Lee Wood Sink removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Lees Pot removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Lower Cheshire Wood Cave and Sink 24 2 mapremoveremoveremoveremove
Lynx Caves 46 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Magic Mushroom Resurgence 4 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Manifold Badger Holes removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Midway Pot removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Mill Cave and Pot 12 8 build removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Moonmilk Cave 18 10 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Nan Tor Cave 35 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Old Hannah's Hole 14 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Oldpark Hill Cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ossoms Chimney 16 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ossoms Crag Cave 18 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ossoms Crag Fissure 3 3 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ossoms Eyrie Cave 11 6 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Pike Low Swallets removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Pikelow Swallet removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Plughole removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Pritchard's Cave 18 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Project Pot 21 4 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Rabbits Hole 46 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Radcliffe Stables 15 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Redhurst Swallet 294 removeremoveremoveremovefact_check
Redhurst Upper Cave 6 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ribden Swallet No1 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ribden Swallet No2 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Ribden Swallet No3 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Riverside Sink 65 15 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Riverside Two 9 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Sallymoor Swallets removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Seven Ways Cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Snow Hole 4 4 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Sparrowlee Sink removeremoveremoveremoveremove
St Bertram's Cave 213 removeremoveremoveremovefact_check
T Pot 212 8 removeremoveremoveremovefact_check
Thor's Cave 46 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Thor's Fissure Cavern 18 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Thor's Fox Hole 18 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Thor's Sinks removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Thorswood Mine removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Waterways Swallet 526 125 removeremovenavigationremovefact_check
Weag's Bridge Cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Weag's Bridge Resurgence 21 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Weaver Hills Spring removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Wednesday Pot 56 5 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Wetstones Swallet 6 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Wetton Hill Far Cave 10 build removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Wetton Mill Coope Caves removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Wetton Mill Hill Cave removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Wetton Mill Sink removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Wetton Road Sink 3 removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Wetton Road Sinks removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Wetton Road Swallett removeremoveremoveremoveremove
Whirlpool Pot 5 removeremoveremoveremoveremove