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Whalf Climbing Shaft

Entrance of Whalf Climbing Shaft


build Derbyshire Key required.

As described for Hillocks but use stile in the wall on the north side of the lane leading into copse. Climbing shaft entrance is in the middle of the copse, over the stile at far left corner of copse into field on the north side. Large spanner needed for both lids. Description and survey from Crewe CPC. Do not leave the lids to any shafts open when not attended because livestock and the public will be at risk.


A report of bad air was received by DCA 21/12/2023. Details below. "Just attempted a cross-over trip in Whalf Engine Shaft and had to bail after encountering bad air at the bottom of the first pitch. Difficulty breathing and light-headedness. The crawl through to the head of the next pitch had me nearly suffocating." All recent reports of bad air can be seen on the DCA website here:


Barker, I. & Beck, J.S. (2010), , Caves of the Peak District, p. 233, p. 235 (survey), DCA