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Eyam Dale House Cave

Entrance of Eyam Dale House Cave


In grounds of Eyam Dale House. Access to this site is no longer from the grounds of Eyam Dale House, but from Eyam Dale below. The new landowner would like a courtesy email a few days before the trip so he is aware that somebody will be on his land. Emails should be sent to (reveal) with the date and approximate time of the trip. Please ensure that 'Caving at Eyam Dale House Cave' is included within the title of the email.

Obvious parking spots in Eyam Dale, Stoney Dale and next to electricity sub-station at foot of Eyam Dale. DO NOT BLOCK the sub-station entrance. Take care, as area is notorious for thefts from parked vehicles.

The route to the site is shown on the attached map. Reflective markers are on the trees to aid the route finding. A rope protector is useful on the shaft top. Please ensure that the lid is properly closed after your trip.

Any issues please report to DCA via this site.

This site is part of the DCA SSSI Conservation Monitoring Scheme.
See the DCA website for competition details.


mapEyam Dale House Cave


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