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Middle Engine Mine

Entrance of Middle Engine Mine


No access agreement in place

Ruined but large complex near the base of Hassop Common slope, at the end of the track from Brightside Mine - very overgrown in summer. Main adit into the upper mine complex is within ruins of a coe, with a large tree growing over the entrance. Adit intersects 70m-deep engine shaft after 25m, which is open at surface and poorly-fenced 20m higher up the hill, next to a gin-circle terraced into the solid rock slope. Anchors are installed in the adit at the shaft intersection for traversing across it and descending. Do not use the engine shaft top as an entrance under any circumstances - it is very loose and dangerous.

Engine shaft to the lower mine complex (not connected to upper complex) is capped with unstable concrete sleepers and should not be entered, but a climbing shaft in a ruined coe just to the west (also capped with concrete sleepers), is preferable. Climbing shaft is 10m deep with a fixed iron ladder in place - do not trust entirely. Farm jack needed to lift a sleeper to enter.


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