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Deep Shaft

Entrance of Deep Shaft


build Derbyshire key required.

Note - 02/05/2021 - Reports have come in from a recent upstream visit to Ringing Rake/Masson Sough (Youd's Level), that that the main passage above Old Jant Mine (after the two low squeezes if heading downhill) has been completely blocked by a substantial collapse of sediment, rocks and gravel, seemingly after a significant flood event at some point in the last year. As through-trips from the top of the hill have not been possible, it is unclear exactly how long this blockage has been in place. Drainage of the system is unaffected, but trips further uphill than Old Jant Mine are no longer possible - obviously this would also mean that through-trips from the currently-blocked top shaft would also be impossible until the choke is removed. The choke will be inspected shortly with a view to digging through it and clearing the route again, but please be aware that this may take some time to organize, especially under the current Covid restrictions. In the meantime, we will update with further information as we receive it.

Obtain permission before visiting from Greenhills Farm. Large shaft mound with a steel lid surrounded by trees, approx. 1.4 x 0.75m. 81m deep to coffin-level of Masson Sough. Short crosscut at shaft base leads to junction with sough - turn right toward Old Jant Mine and eventually all the way up to the top of Masson Hill and Gentlewoman's Pipe. Turn left to pass beneath Waterfall Shaft Series and eventually join Ringing Rake Sough to exit at Artists Corner by River Derwent.


Danger from Weil's Disease from rats associated with sewage seepage in sough tail.