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Owl Hole

Entrance of Owl Hole


build Derbyshire Key required.

No parking near the cattle grid as this is a tractor turning-space - please park on the grass verge lower down the road, using the attached map for the location, taking care to not block the road - it is not a simple track, and accessed is always required.

Two adjustable spanners are needed for the gate in the upper entrance, which currently requires a bolt-climb up the rock face to reach it, and so may require a ladder or rope rigging for others to more easily gain access. Alternatively, rig a rope from the large and solid tree which is almost immediately above the entrance and don't forget to protect the rope from rubbing the bark. Abseil down and when level with the entrance hole it's possible to walk/swing across to reach it. Before entering the hole, clip the rope onto the bolt deviation just above the entrance so that when you exit, the rope hasn't swung back out of reach. On exiting and getting onto the rope, simply unclip the deviation and either prussick up or continue on down and walk up the slope out of Owl Hole.


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